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Antietam Artillery Weapon

Model 1841 6-pounder Gun

6-pdr. Gun


Manufacturer: various Armories

Where made: various

Model: 1841

Year(s) made: 1841-62

6-lb. Gun

6-lb. Gun


One of the series of artillery designed in 1841, and was very effective in the Mexican War (1847-8). Originally a bronze-tubed weapon, often produced of iron in Confederate manufacture, it was falling out of favor by 1862 because of its reduced power as compared to the Napoleon, for instance.

Employment at Sharpsburg

At least 56 of these pieces saw service in Confederate batteries on the Campaign, but none were known to be used by the Federals.


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Ammunition Used

Solid shot (6.1 lb), spherical case, common shell, and cannister.


3.67 inches

Maximum range

1523 yards

Muzzle Velocity

1450 feet per second

Barrel Length

60 inches


1784 pounds

Other notes

Total weight = bronze tube (884 lb) + carriage (900 lb). Maximum range for 1-lb powder charge behind a 6.1 pound solid shot at 5 degrees elevation.

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Source information

Johnson, Curt & Anderson, Richard C., Artillery Hell: Employment of Artillery at Antietam, College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 1995.


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