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Antietam Artillery Weapon

Model 1841 24-pounder howitzer

24-pdr. Howitzer


Manufacturer: various Arsenals

Where made: various

Model: 1841

Year(s) made: 1841-

24-lb Howitzer (Austrian-made, GNMP)


The 24-pounder was a bronze smoothbore, and was part of the 1841 US artillery series. By 1862 it was uncommon in Federal service, because of its short range and heavy weight, but still in Confederate use - valued for its accuracy and 'hitting power'.

Employment at Sharpsburg

There were 4 24-pounder howitzers in Confederate batteries at Sharpsburg.


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Ammunition Used

spherical case, common shell, cannister


5.82 inches

Maximum range

1322 yards

Barrel Length

65 inches


2446 pounds

Other notes

Weight figure is for standard gun carriage (1,128 lb) + tube (1,318 lb).
Max range is for 2.5 lb black powder charge behind an 18.4 lb. shell at 5 degrees elevation.

Photograph adapted from one taken by Peter Schwartz at Gettysburg NMP, and part of an exhibit online.

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Source information

Johnson, Curt & Anderson, Richard C., Artillery Hell: Employment of Artillery at Antietam, College Station, TX: Texas A&M University Press, 1995.


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