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Antietam Infantry Weapon

Confederate States Richmond Musket

Richmond Musket


Manufacturer: Richmond Armory

Where made: Richmond, Va

Model: 1861

Year(s) made: 1861-1865

Richmond Musket (reproduction)


When they captured the Federal Arsenal at Harpers Ferry in April 1861, the Confederates moved the musket manufacturing machinery, tools, and parts to facilities in Richmond, Virginia and began to produce their own version of the US Model 1861 "Springfield" Rifle-Musket. Initially under the direction of the State of Virginia, the facility was later turned over to the Confederate States government. This muzzle-loader was produced in larger numbers than any other Confederate rifle.

Employment at Sharpsburg

This was a common weapon in Confederate service in 1862 and later.

Ammunition Used

.58 caliber bullet (minie ball)


Maximum: 500 yards; Effective: 300 yards


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