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Antietam Cavalry Weapon

Pattern 1856 Enfield Carbine

Enfield Saddle Ring Carbine


Manufacturer: Royal Small Arms Factory (Enfield)

Where made: near London, England

Model: 1856

Year(s) made: 1856-

Enfield Saddlering Carbine

Enfield Saddlering Carbine


This Carbine is among the many weapons imported from 1861-65 to meet the heavy demand of the War. As for the rifle-musket, the .58 caliber bullet used by both Union and Confederate forces was interchangeable with the .577 Enfield. Also known as a "Saddlering" Carbine because of the ring and bar mounting hardware on it's left side (see offsite photo).

Employment at Sharpsburg

Common in many Federal and Confederate Cavalry units.

Ammunition Used

.577 or .58 caliber bullet (minie ball)


0.577 inches

Effective range

200 yards


Overall: 34 inches; Barrel: 21 inches


8 pounds

Other notes

The photo above is of a privately owned and probably Confederate-issued carbine sold at auction in the US in October 2005.


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