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Antietam Infantry Weapon

Model 1842 Percussion Musket (rifled)

1842 Springfield (rifled)


Manufacturer: US Arsenals

Where made: Springfield (MA), Harpers Ferry (VA)

Model: 1842

Year(s) made: 1856-1859

1842 Springfield (reproduction)


About 250,000 Model 1842 Springfield single-shot muzzleloading smoothbores were made before 1856, at which time the US Army began rifling some of them. About 14,000 were converted by 1859. The .69 caliber rifle was found to be less accurate than the new .58 caliber rifles, however, and further rifling was halted.

Employment at Sharpsburg

At least 1 Federal regiment, the 81st Pennsylvania, used this weapon.

Ammunition Used

.69 ball/conical


Maximum: 500 yards; Effective: 300 yards


Overall: 58 inches; Barrel: 42 inches

Source information

Specifications from the Springfield Armory NHS.


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