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A.J. Bolar

A.J. Bolar

Federal (USV)


Andrew Jackson Bolar

(1830 - 1886)

Home State: Pennsylvania

Command Billet: Company Commander

Branch of Service: Infantry

Unit: 12th Pennsylvania Reserves


see his Battle Report

Before Antietam

The 12th Reserves were organized of Companies from around the state, including the "Indiana County Infantry," company H, under Captain Andrew J. Bolar. As the Regiment was formed and officers elected in July 1861 he was appointed chaplain, but also remained in command of his company.1 He was a 31 year old minister at the time of his enrollment at Armagh, PA.2

The rest of the War

He was wounded seriously in both legs and captured at Fredericksburg on 13 December 1862, and kept at Libby Prison in Richmond, VA. He was promoted from Captain to Major to date from 8 July 1862, and was discharged for wounds received in action on 30 June 1864 (the Regiment was mustered out 11 June 64).3

After the War

He was a teacher at the Indiana (PA) Normal School and headed the Blairsville Academy. In 1880 he was hospitalized for complications from his War wounds - one or more bullets had not been removed - and had his left leg amputated. He was then a private tutor in Homer City, PA until his death.

References & notes

Birth, death, burial data from Cook 4. Additional details from family genealogists and his obituary in the The Johnstown Daily Tribune of 9 February 1886. The photograph here from a portrait provided by Great-grandson Edward Kern Poole, M.D. and his son Andrew J Bolar Poole.


04/18/1830; East Wheatfield Township, PA


02/08/1886; Homer City, PA; burial in Greenwood Cemetery, White Twp., Indiana Co., PA


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