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Robertson's (Munford's) Brigade

"The Laurel Brigade"


Commanding Officers on the Sharpsburg Campaign:
  BGen. Beverly H. Robertson
  Col. Thomas T. Munford


This Brigade's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of Northern Virginia
  Division - Stuart's Cavalry Division

Units which make up this Brigade:
  12th Virginia Cavalry
  17th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
  2nd Virginia Cavalry
  6th Virginia Cavalry
  7th Virginia Cavalry

On the Sharpsburg Campaign

Brigadier General Robertson was relieved of command of the Brigade on 6 September 1862, just before the crossing into Maryland, and was ordered to organize and train troops in North Carolina. He was relieved by Colonel Munford of the 2nd Virginia Cavalry.

On 16 - 18 September Munford's Brigade was posted on the extreme right of the Confederate line, covering the lower fords of the Antietam (from the Brigade's tablet).

Map Showing this Unit

Battlefield Tablets for this Unit

Tablet #320: Munford's Brigade, Stuart's Cavalry Division - 16 Sep, 12 PM to 18 Sep, 8 PM
Tablet #317: Stuart's Cavalry Division - 16 Sep, 9 PM to 19 Sep, 12 PM

References & Notes

See more online in Captain McDonald's 1907 History of the Laurel Brigade.