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Following Antietam Battle Action with Maps

This page will show you how the opposing forces moved and clashed on September 17, 1862 near Sharpsburg, Maryland.

The map below summarizes the major assaults during the day. The arrows represent large bodies of troops - units at the Division and Army Corps levels - and their approximate locations and direction of attack. Click on the arrows to see much more detailed maps which show positions down to the regiment and battery levels. Each detail map also provides further links to data for individual units and commanders.

You might like also to refer to the map on our Overview page which labels many of the most significant landmarks on the battlefield, and shows the same area as this map. We're covering a lot of ground here, so the scale gets fairly small, and it can be hard to see details.

Map: Summary of Assaults at Antietam

See more about ... the maps used here on AotW.

Antietam Battle Maps available:

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