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Battle Map 10

Confederate Counterattacks in the Center (11 am-1 pm)

12:15 O'Clock P.M., 17 September 1862

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The Situation: After the center of his line was broken in the Sunken Road, General Longstreet directed small counterattacks which pushed back advancing Federal units and stabilized the position.


Units on this Map:

14th Connecticut Infantry
1st Delaware Infantry
2nd Delaware Infantry
14th Indiana Infantry
29th Massachusetts Infantry
3rd Maryland Infantry
Purnell Legion Infantry
7th Maine Infantry
5th New Hampshire Infantry
13th New Jersey Infantry
102nd New York Infantry
108th New York Infantry
52nd New York Infantry
61st New York Infantry
63rd New York Infantry
64th New York Infantry
69th New York Infantry
7th New York Infantry
88th New York Infantry
5th Ohio Infantry
66th Ohio Infantry
7th Ohio Infantry
8th Ohio Infantry
111th Pennsylvania Infantry
130th Pennsylvania Infantry
132nd Pennsylvania Infantry
28th Pennsylvania Infantry
4th Pennsylvania Cavalry
53rd Pennsylvania Infantry
81st Pennsylvania Infantry
Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Independent Battery E
1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery G
7th West Virginia Infantry

12th Alabama Infantry
9th Alabama Infantry
Hardaway's (AL) Battery
Jeff Davis (AL) Artillery
3rd Arkansas Infantry
5th Florida Infantry
11th Georgia Infantry
16th Georgia Infantry
1st Georgia (Regulars) Infantry
24th Georgia Infantry
7th Georgia Infantry
8th Georgia Infantry
9th Georgia Infantry
Cobb's (GA) Legion, Infantry Battalion
Donaldsonville (LA) Artillery
Washington (LA) Artillery, 3rd Company
15th North Carolina Infantry
27th North Carolina Infantry
35th North Carolina Infantry
46th North Carolina Infantry
49th North Carolina Infantry
4th North Carolina Infantry
22nd South Carolina Infantry
23rd South Carolina Infantry
14th Virginia Infantry
30th Virginia Infantry
38th Virginia Infantry
53rd Virginia Infantry
57th Virginia Infantry
9th Virginia Infantry
Carter's King William (VA) Artillery
Richmond 'Fayette' (VA) Artillery

Source: The Antietam Battlefield Board.1


1   The battlefield position studies by the Antietam Battlefield Board (1904, 1908) are described in the Atlas, and are available online from the Library of Congress.
Cope, Lieut. Col. E. B., and H. W. Mattern, Charles H. Ourand, Gen. E. A. Carman, Atlas of the Battlefield of Antietam, Washington DC: US Government Printing Office, 1908  [AotW citation 16904]

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