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Ninth (IX) Army Corps


Commanding Officers on the Antietam Campaign:
  MGen Jesse Lee Reno
  MGen Ambrose Everett Burnside
  BGen Jacob D Cox


Members of Interest:
  General Burnside's Staff:
MGen John G. Parke, chief of staff;
Col George W. Getty, chief of artillery;
LCol Lewis Richmond, assistant adjutant-general;
LCol E. R. Goodrich, commissary of subsistence;
Surg. W. H. Church, medical director;
Maj William Cutting, aide-de-camp;
Maj James L. Van Buren, aide-de-camp (rejoined 9/18);
Capt R. S. Williamson, topographical engineer;
Capt T. E. Hall, quartermaster;
Capt Read, assistant quartermaster;
Capt P. Lydig, aide-de-camp;
Capt J. M. Cutts, aide-de-camp;
Capt G. R. Fearing, aide-de-camp;
Capt Holded, assistant quartermaster;
Lt D. W. Flagler, ordnance officer;
Lt W. H. French, aide-de-camp;

This Army Corps' Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of the Potomac

Units which make up this Army Corps:
  1st Division, IX Corps
  1st Maine Cavalry, Company G
  2nd Division, IX Corps
  2nd New York Artillery, Battery L
  3rd Division, IX Corps
  3rd United States Artillery, Batteries L and M
  Kanawha Division, IX Corps
  Ohio Cavalry, Third Independant Company

On the Antietam Campaign

At South Mountain, MGen Burnside was in command of the "Wing" of the Army of the Potomac consisting of the I Corps (MGen Hooker) and the IX Corps (MGen Reno). When General Reno was killed on September 14th, BGen Cox, of the Kanawha Division, was placed in command of the IX Corps.

At Antietam the two corps of the Wing were widely seperated, and Gen Hooker's I Corps was removed from Gen Burnside's control. Under those circumstances, though it was still nominally under Gen Cox, the IX Corps was effectively commanded by Gen Burnside.

Battlefield Tablets for this Unit

Tablet #56: Ninth Army Corps - 15 Sep, 7 AM to 16 Sep, 3 PM
Tablet #122: Army of the Potomac - 17 Sep, 10 AM to 17 Sep, 6 PM
Tablet #70, cont: Ninth Army Corps - 17 Sep, 3 PM to 17 Sep, 5 PM
Tablet #70: Ninth Army Corps - 17 Sep, 7 AM to 17 Sep, 3 PM
Tablet #57: Ninth Army Corps - 17 Sep, 7 AM to 17 Sep, 5 PM