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Antietam Campaign Map for

12 September 1862

Federals Enter Frederick City

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The Situation on 12 September: On Friday September 12th, the remaining Confederate units in the vicinity, General Stuart's cavalry, withdrew from Frederick: the Brigade under Fitz Lee on a raid off to the north and east to Westminster (shadowed by the 6th New York Cavalry); Munford to Jefferson; and Hampton up the National Road toward Middletown. After a brief skirmish with the last of Hampton's troopers, elements of Burnside's infantry and Pleasonton's cavalry enter the city.

There is more good news for General McClellan on this day as the remaining divisions of Porter's Fifth (V) Army Corps are released to him from the defenses of Washington. Though Humphrey's rookie troops are still arriving, organizing and arming, Morell's push off imediately and reach Brookeville by day's end. The remaining units of the Army of the Potomac march between 5 and 15 miles to close on the Monococy and Frederick.

Overnight, General White evacuates his Martinsburg garrison to Harpers Ferry, where he places his troops under Colonel Miles' command. The Confederate column under Stonewall Jackson marches through Martinsburg during the day, going into camp about 5 miles east in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, General Walker maches his division to Hillsboro, about 8 miles down the ridge from the Loudoun Heights, as McLaws' and Anderson deploy their brigades in a line across Pleasant Valley and along the ridges toward Sandy Hook and the Maryland Heights. By the end of the day McLaws' men have skirmished with the Federal defenders there.

The remaining units of General Lee's army reach and settle into their planned positions: Longstreet's "main body" in and around Hagerstown - with patrols to the Pennsylvania boder - and D.H. Hill's "rear guard" around Boonsboro.

Units on this Map:

A. P. Hill's Light Division
Anderson's Division
Army of Northern Virginia
D. H. Hill's Division
Ewell's Division
Hampton's Brigade
Jackson's Command
Jackson's Division
Lee's Brigade
Longstreet's Command
McLaws' Division
Robertson's (Munford's) Brigade
Stuart's Cavalry Division
Walker's Division

1st Division, 4th Corps
1st Division, 5th Corps
2nd Division, 5th Corps
3rd Division, 5th Corps
6th New York Cavalry
Army of the Potomac
Cavalry Division
First Army Corps
Ninth Army Corps
Second Army Corps
Sixth Army Corps
Twelfth Army Corps

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