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Confederate Regiment

14th Alabama Infantry

Organized: Auburn, AL; mustered in 8/1/1861


Commanding Officer on the Sharpsburg Campaign:
  Maj. J. A. Broome


This Regiment's Chain of Command:
  Army - Army of Northern Virginia
  Corps - Longstreet's Command
  Division - Anderson's Division
  Brigade - Pryor's Brigade

Unit history

This regiment was organized at Auburn, August 1, 1861. It went first to Huntsville, thence to Virginia, where it arrived in November. Proceeding to Yorktown, it was brigaded under Gen. Pryor of Virginia, Longstreet's division. The command fell back with the army, and fought at Williamsburg with heavy loss to four of the companies. At Seven Pines it was again in action, with but few casualties. It participated at Mechanicsville, and was almost annihilated at Frazier's Farm and Malvern Hill, losing nearly all the officers, after charging the enemy's almost impregnable positions repeatedly.

It moved towards the Potomac with the army, and was engaged with slight loss at the second battle of Manassas. Greatly reduced in strength, the Fourteenth fought at Sharpsburg, suffering severely in casualties.

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Battlefield Tablets for this Unit

Tablet #386: Anderson's Division, Longstreet's Command - 17 Sep, 5 AM to 17 Sep, 1 PM
Tablet #344: Anderson's Division, Longstreet's Command - 17 Sep, 5 AM to 17 Sep, 5 PM

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We have 59 individuals who were on the Maryland Campaign in the AotW database for this unit:


Co. Rank Name Casualty? Details*
APvtAllen, John J. B.WIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
APvtBozeman, D. T.WIA   09/17
ACorpMeadow, T. C.   
APvtSturkie, W. O.WIA   09/17
BPvtBailey, John WIA   09/17
BPvtBennett, F. M.WIA   09/17
BCorpHarris, E. J.WIA   09/17
BCaptPerry, S. G.   
BPvtRichardson, D. D.WIA   09/17
CPvtBurnett, W. A.WIA   09/17
CPvtClemens, W. C.WIA   09/17
CPvtFinley, J. M.WIA   09/17
CPvtGilhuly, M. WIA   09/17
CPvtNolan, J. W.WIA   09/17
CPvtSimenton, J. F.WIA   09/17
CPvtSmartt, F. F.MIA   09/17
CLtStrahan, T. A.WIA   09/17
CSgtWheelis, A. B.WIA   09/17
DPvtChappell, J. MIA   09/17
DCorpDaniel, W. T.WIA   09/17
DPvtLane, W. L.MIA   09/17
DPvtMorris, W. WIA   09/17
EPvtBarber, J. L.WIA   09/17
EPvtDunson, H. F.WIA   09/17
EPvtEnnis, J. KIA   09/17
EPvtHancock, Josiah KIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
ELtMcLain, J. T.   
FPvtGray, J. A.KIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
FPvtJohnston, J. E.WIA   09/17
FLtMcLane, J. S.   
FPvtSherman, E. L.WIA   09/17
GPvtAllen, Owen WIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
GPvtAmos, J. M.WIA   09/17
GCorpHoldridge, J. W.WIA   09/17
GPvtJones, M. M.WIA   09/17
GPvtLindsey, B. F.WIA   09/17
GCaptMcCord, R. A.   
GPvtSaffold, William MIA   09/17
HPvtBenson, J. E.WIA   09/17
HPvtHays, M. R.WIA   09/17
HLtLamberth, C. H.   
HPvtMcManus, P. M.WIA   09/17
HPvtNorris, R. H.WIA   09/17
HPvtOsborn, B. C.KIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
HPvtStanford, J. J.WIA   09/17
IPvtCole, William C.KIA   09/17
ISgtHaynes, J. L.   
IPvtJenkins, J. H.WIA   09/17
IPvtMay, T. J.WIA   09/17
IPvtPitard, J. M.WIA   09/17
IPvtSpicer, W. A.WIA   09/17
IPvtWhitfield, J. A.WIA   09/17
IPvtWhitlock, Zadok WIA   09/17     We have some details for this person
IPvtWiley, J. K. P.MIA   09/17
KPvtDean, L. G.WIA   09/17
KSgtHooper, W. S.   
KPvtPhillips, L. WIA   09/17
KCaptTaylor, G. W.   
F&SMajBroome, James Andrew        We have some details for this person


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