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Antietam Campaign Map for

6 September 1862

Jackson Occupies Frederick

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The Situation on 6 September: Confederate MGen Longstreet's Command along with the divisions of McLaws and RH Anderson cross the Potomac at White's Ford above Leesburg, and march to camp near Buckeystown.

At the same time, Jackson's command proceeds to Monocacy Junction, where the divisions of Lawton and AP Hill move off to the north and east to guard the approaches to Frederick from those directions. Jackson's Division, under BGen JR Jones, then proceeds into and through Frederick City, most camping just north of town. One brigade, under native Marylander Col. Bradley Johnson, remains in the city as provost guard.

DH Hill's Division moves up and camps on the Best farm about two miles south of Frederick; also the personal bivouac of Generals Lee, Jackson, and Longstreeet by the end of the day. BGen Stuart takes his cavalry to Urbana by way of Hyattstown. Enroute, a detachment captures Federals signalling from Sugar Loaf Mountain, and rescue a courier with dispatches for Gen Lee previously caught by Federal troops at that station.

Remaining at Leesburg on the Virginia side are BGen Pendleton and the Reserve Artillery of the Army, undergoing refit and shakeout; BGen Walker's Division, recently arrived; and Robertson's Brigade of Stuart's Cavalry, now under Col Thomas Munford.

On the Federal side, MGen McClellan pushes the IX Corps north and east to extend his right, orders the VI Corps to the left in reserve, and brings the I Corps across the Potomac. BGen Pleasonton's Federal Cavalry widen their probes into Maryland, and the small force of the Maryland Potomac Home Brigade evacuates Frederick just ahead of the Confederates.

Units on this Map:

A. P. Hill's Light Division
Anderson's (NC) Brigade
Anderson's Division
D. H. Hill's Division
Ewell's Division
Hampton's Brigade
Jackson's Command
Lee's Brigade
Longstreet's Command
McLaws' Division
Robertson's (Munford's) Brigade
Stuart's Cavalry Division

Cavalry Division
Fifth Army Corps
First Army Corps
Ninth Army Corps
Second Army Corps
Sixth Army Corps
Twelfth Army Corps

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