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Antietam Campaign Map for

7 September 1862

Lee Gathers at Frederick

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The Situation on 7 September: The last units of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia (ANV), Walker's Division (with G.B. Anderson's Brigade of D.H. Hill's Division), Munford's Cavalry, and the Reserve Artillery (with the battlions of S.D. Lee and Walton) cross the Potomac into Maryland at Cheek's and White's Fords. After a short march, Walker and Anderson go into camp near Buckeystown; BGen Pendleton marches the artillery to near Frederick; and Col Munford takes his brigade to Frederick, then to join the rest of MGen Stuart's cavalry near Urbanna by sundown on the 7th. Stuart spreads his troopers in a screen east and south from Urbana; the bulk of Hampton's Brigade below Urbana and of F. Lee's to Newmarket on the road to Baltimore.

Meanwhile, MGen Longstreet moves his command, along with the divisions of McLaws and R.H. Anderson, to camp at Monocacy Junction. The remainder of the ANV rests in the vicinity of Frederick for the day.

At Washington, Federal MGen McClellan consolidates his left by moving MGen Franklin's VI Corps to Offutt's Crossroads to join Couch's Division. Toward the end of the day, without express authority to do so, McClellan orders MGen Banks to remain in command of the defences of the city, and moves his own Headquarters to the field with the main body at Rockville.

BGen Pleasonton further expands his cavalry reconnaissance to the north and east, probing for the Confederate locations. His 8th Illinois Regiment re-occupies Poolesville.

Units on this Map:

5th Virginia Cavalry
A. P. Hill's Light Division
Anderson's (NC) Brigade
Anderson's Division
D. H. Hill's Division
Ewell's Division
Hampton's Brigade
Jackson's Command
Lee's Brigade
Longstreet's Command
McLaws' Division
Robertson's (Munford's) Brigade
Stuart's Cavalry Division

8th Illinois Cavalry
Cavalry Division
Fifth Army Corps
First Army Corps
Ninth Army Corps
Second Army Corps
Sixth Army Corps
Twelfth Army Corps

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