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Crampton's Gap

Orders of Battle

Author and historian Timothy Reese, a noted authority on the Battle of Crampton's Gap, has consented to have AotW present here the principal content of his reference website, formerly hosted on Earthlink, now withdrawn from service. This page from that site lists the opposing forces at the Battle.

See also his main Crampton's Gap page.

Col. Thomas T. Munford, BG Howell Cobb
Col. Thomas T. Munford, BG Howell Cobb

Confederate Forces:
Col. Thomas T. Munford, Brig. Gen. Howell Cobb

(nc) noncombatant   (mw) mortally wounded   (w) wounded   (p) prisoner

Maj. Gen. Richard H. Anderson's Division, Longstreet's Corps

Parham's (Mahone's) Brigade, Col. William A. Parham

6th Virginia Infantry, Capt. John D. Ludlow
12th Virginia Infantry, Capt. Everard M. Feild
16th Virginia Infantry, Maj. Francis D. Holladay
41st Virginia Infantry (nc, detached duty), Lt. Col. Joseph P. Minetree
Portsmouth Light Artillery (Grimes' Battery), Capt. Cary F. Grimes (two 12-pdr. naval howitzers)

Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws' Division, Longstreet's Corps

Cobb's Brigade, Brig. Gen. Howell Cobb

16th Georgia Infantry, Lt. Col. Henry P. Thomas
24th Georgia Infantry, Lt. Col. Christopher C. Sanders
Cobb's Legion Infantry, Lt. Col. Jefferson M. Lamar (mw,p)
15th North Carolina Infantry, Col. William MacRae
Troup (Georgia) Artillery, one section, Lt. Henry Jennings (one 12-pdr. howitzer, one 6-pdr. howitzer)

Semmes' Brigade, Brig. Gen. Paul J. Semmes

10th Georgia Infantry, Maj. Willis C. Holt (w), Capt. Philologus H. Loud
53rd Georgia Infantry (nc), Lt. Col. Thomas Sloan
15th Virginia Infantry (nc), Maj. Emmett M. Morrison
32nd Virginia Infantry (nc), Col. Edgar B. Montague
Light Battery A, 1st North Carolina Artillery, Capt. Basil C. Manly (one 3-in. Ordnance rifle, two 12-pdr. howitzers, one 6-pdr. Burton rifle, two 6-pdr. smoothbores)
Richmond (Virginia) Fayette Artillery, Lt. William I. Clopton (one 6-pdr. smoothbore)
Magruder (Virginia) Light Artillery, Capt. Thomas J. Page, Jr. (one gun, type unknown)

Stuart's Cavalry Corps, Maj. Gen. James E. B. Stuart

Robertson's Brigade, Col. Thomas T. Munford

2nd Virginia Cavalry, Lt. Col. Richard H. Burks, Capt. Thomas B. Holland
12th Virginia Cavalry, Col. Asher W. Harman
Chew's Battery, Virginia Horse Artillery, Capt. Roger P. Chew (one Blakely rifle, one 12-pdr. howitzer, one 3-in. rifle)


MGs William Franklin, Henry Slocum, William Smith
Major Generals William Franklin, Henry Slocum, William Smith

Union Forces:
Maj. Gen. William B. Franklin

(nc) noncombatant   (mw) mortally wounded   (w) wounded   (p) prisoner

Sixth Army Corps, Maj. Gen. William B. Franklin

Headquarters Escort, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Cos. B, G & I), Capt. Henry P. Muirheid
Headquarters Guard, Co. D, 95th Pennsylvania Infantry, Capt. Jacob H. Beattes

First Division, Maj. Gen. Henry W. Slocum

First Brigade, Col. Alfred T.A. Torbert (w)

1st New Jersey Infantry, Lt. Col. Mark W. Collet
2nd New Jersey Infantry, Col. Samuel L. Buck
3rd New Jersey Infantry, Col. Henry W. Brown
4th New Jersey Infantry, Col. William B. Hatch

Second Brigade, Col. Joseph J. Bartlett

5th Maine Infantry, Col. Nathaniel J. Jackson
16th New York Infantry, Col. Joel J. Seaver
27th New York Infantry, Col. Alexander D. Adams
121st New York Infantry (nc), Col. Richard Franchot
96th Pennsylvania Infantry, Col. Henry L. Cake

Third Brigade, Brig. Gen. John Newton

18th New York Infantry, Lt. Col. George R. Myers
31st New York Infantry, Lt. Col. Francis E. Pinto (32nd N.Y. Inf.)
32nd New York Infantry, Col. Roderick N. Matheson (mw), Maj. George F. Lemon (mw)
95th Pennsylvania Infantry, Col. Gustavus W. Town

First Division Artillery, Capt. Emory Upton

Battery A, Maryland Light Artillery, Capt. John W. Wolcott (eight 3-in. Ordnance rifles)
1st Battery (A), Massachusetts Light Artillery, Capt. Josiah Porter (six 12-pdr. smoothbores)
1st Battery (A), New Jersey Light Artillery (nc), Capt. William Hexamer (six 10-pdr. Parrott rifles)
Battery D, 2nd United States Artillery (nc), Lt. Edward B. Williston (six 12-pdr. smoothbores)

Second Division, Maj. Gen. William F. Smith

First Brigade (nc), Brig. Gen. Winfield S. Hancock

6th Maine Infantry, Col. Hiram Burnham
43rd New York Infantry, Maj. John Wilson
49th Pennsylvania Infantry, Lt. Col. William Brisbane
137th Pennsylvania Infantry, Col. Henry M. Bossert
5th Wisconsin Infantry, Col. Amasa Cobb

Second Brigade, Brig. Gen. William T. H. Brooks

2nd Vermont Infantry, Maj. James H. Walbridge
3rd Vermont Infantry (nc), Col. Breed N. Hyde
4th Vermont Infantry, Lt. Col. Charles B. Stoughton
5th Vermont Infantry (nc), Col. Lewis A. Grant
6th Vermont Infantry (nc), Maj. Oscar L. Tuttle

Third Brigade (nc), Col. William H. Irwin

7th Maine Infantry, Maj. Thomas W. Hyde
20th New York Infantry, Col. Ernest Von Vegesack
33rd New York Infantry, Lt. Col. Joseph W. Corning
49th New York Infantry, Lt. Col. William C. Alberger
77th New York Infantry, Capt. Nathan S. Babcock

Second Division Artillery, Capt. Romeyn B. Ayres

Battery B, Maryland Light Artillery, Lt. Theodore J. Vanneman (six 3-in. Ordnance rifles)
1st Independent Battery, New York Light Artillery, Capt. Andrew Cowan (four 3-in. Ordnance rifles)
Battery F, 5th United States Artillery, Lt. Leonard Martin (four 10-pdr. Parrott rifles, two 12-pdr. smoothbores)

Cavalry (provisional)

6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (nc), Col. Richard H. Rush, Lt. Col. Charles R. Smith (attached to Sixth Corps, Sept. 8)
6th United States Cavalry (nc), Capt. William P. Sanders (attached to Sixth Corps, Sept. 13)


-- Timothy Reese, Burkittsville, Maryland
AotW Member

© 2000, Tim Reese
published online previously as part of the website at