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The Unit List

This is a simple list (alphabetical by unit name) for all military units in the AotW database. It's really meant for search engines/bots, not humans. Most humans will find it easier to use the Search page to find units. But if you are a human, you'll notice that each unit name is a link to the details we have about it.

star102nd New York Infantrystar102nd Pennsylvania Infantrystar103rd New York Infantrystar104th New York Infantrystar105th New York Infantrystar106th Pennsylvania Infantrystar107th New York Infantrystar107th Pennsylvania Infantrystar108th New York Infantrystar109th Pennsylvania Infantrystar10th Alabama Infantrystar10th Georgia Infantrystar10th Louisiana Infantrystar10th Maine Infantrystar10th Massachusetts Infantrystar10th New York Infantrystar10th Pennsylvania Reservesstar10th Virginia Cavalrystar10th Virginia Infantrystar111th New York Infantrystar111th Pennsylvania Infantrystar115th New York Infantrystar118th Pennsylvania Infantrystar11th Alabama Infantrystar11th Connecticut Infantrystar11th Georgia Infantrystar11th Mississippi Infantrystar11th Ohio Infantrystar11th Pennsylvania Infantrystar11th Pennsylvania Reservesstar11th United States Infantrystar11th Virginia Infantrystar121st New York Infantrystar122nd New York Infantrystar123rd Pennsylvania Infantrystar124th Pennsylvania Infantrystar125th New York Infantrystar125th Pennsylvania Infantrystar126th New York Infantrystar126th Pennsylvania Infantrystar128th Pennsylvania Infantrystar129th Pennsylvania Infantrystar12th Alabama Infantrystar12th Georgia Infantrystar12th Massachusetts Infantrystar12th Mississippi Infantrystar12th New York Infantrystar12th New York State Militiastar12th North Carolina Infantrystar12th Ohio Infantrystar12th Pennsylvania Cavalrystar12th Pennsylvania Reservesstar12th South Carolina Infantrystar12th United States Infantry, First Battalionstar12th United States Infantry, Second Battalionstar12th Virginia Cavalrystar12th Virginia Infantrystar130th Pennsylvania Infantrystar131st Pennsylvania Infantrystar132nd Pennsylvania Infantrystar133rd Pennsylvania Infantrystar134th Pennsylvania Infantrystar137th Pennsylvania Infantrystar139th Pennsylvania Infantrystar13th Alabama Infantrystar13th Georgia Infantrystar13th Massachusetts Infantrystar13th Mississippi Infantrystar13th New Jersey Infantrystar13th New York Infantrystar13th North Carolina Infantrystar13th Pennsylvania Reserves (1st Rifles)star13th South Carolina Infantrystar13th Virginia Infantrystar145th Pennsylvania Infantrystar14th Alabama Infantrystar14th Connecticut Infantrystar14th Georgia Infantrystar14th Indiana Infantrystar14th Louisiana Infantrystar14th New York Infantrystar14th North Carolina Infantrystar14th South Carolina Infantrystar14th Tennessee Infantrystar14th United States Infantry, First Battalionstar14th United States Infantry, Second Battalionstar14th Virginia Infantrystar155th Pennsylvania Infantrystar15th Alabama Infantrystar15th Georgia Infantrystar15th Louisiana Infantrystar15th Massachusetts Infantrystar15th New York Engineersstar15th North Carolina Infantrystar15th Pennsylvania Cavalry (detachment)star15th South Carolina Infantrystar15th Virginia Infantrystar16th Connecticut Infantrystar16th Georgia Infantrystar16th Maine Infantrystar16th Michigan Infantrystar16th Mississippi Infantrystar16th New York Infantrystar16th North Carolina Infantrystar16th Virginia Infantrystar17th Georgia Infantrystar17th Michigan Infantrystar17th Mississippi Infantrystar17th New York Infantrystar17th South Carolina Infantrystar17th United States Infantry, First Battalionstar17th Virginia Cavalry Battalionstar17th Virginia Infantrystar18th Georgia Infantrystar18th Massachusetts Infantrystar18th Mississippi Infantrystar18th New York Infantrystar18th North Carolina Infantrystar18th South Carolina Infantrystar18th Virginia Infantrystar19th Georgia Infantrystar19th Indiana Infantrystar19th Massachusetts Infantrystar19th Mississippi Infantrystar19th United States Infantry, Company Gstar19th United States Infantry, Company Hstar19th Virginia Infantrystar1st and 6th United States Infantrystar1st Battalion New York Light Artillerystar1st Battalion New York Light Artillery, Battery Astar1st Battalion New York Light Artillery, Battery Bstar1st Battalion New York Light Artillery, Battery Cstar1st Battalion New York Light Artillery, Battery Dstar1st Battalion, Longstreet's Corps Artillerystar1st Brigade, 1st Division, 12th Corpsstar1st Brigade, 1st Division, 1st Corpsstar1st Brigade, 1st Division, 2nd Corpsstar1st Brigade, 1st Division, 4th Corpsstar1st Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corpsstar1st Brigade, 1st Division, 6th Corpsstar1st Brigade, 1st Division, 9th Corpsstar1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 12th Corpsstar1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Corpsstar1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 2nd Corpsstar1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Corpsstar1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 6th Corpsstar1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 9th Corpsstar1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 1st Corpsstar1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Corpsstar1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 5th Corpsstar1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 9th Corpsstar1st Brigade, Cavalry Divisionstar1st Brigade, HF Garrisonstar1st Brigade, Kanawha Division, 9th Corpsstar1st Delaware Infantrystar1st District of Columbia Infantrystar1st Division, 12th Corpsstar1st Division, 1st Corpsstar1st Division, 1st Corps Artillerystar1st Division, 2nd Corpsstar1st Division, 2nd Corps Artillerystar1st Division, 4th Corpsstar1st Division, 4th Corps Artillerystar1st Division, 5th Corpsstar1st Division, 5th Corps Artillerystar1st Division, 6th Corpsstar1st Division, 6th Corps Artillerystar1st Division, 9th Corpsstar1st Division, 9th Corps Artillerystar1st Fluvanna (VA) Artillerystar1st Georgia (Regulars) Infantrystar1st Louisiana (Zouaves) Infantry Battalionstar1st Louisiana Volunteer Infantrystar1st Maine Cavalrystar1st Maine Cavalry, Companies H and Mstar1st Maine Cavalry, Company Gstar1st Maryland Batterystar1st Maryland Cavalry, Companies H & Istar1st Maryland Potomac Home Brigade Cavalrystar1st Maryland, PHBstar1st Massachusetts Cavalrystar1st Michigan Cavalry, Company Lstar1st Michigan Infantrystar1st Minnesota Infantrystar1st New Jersey Infantrystar1st New York Cavalrystar1st New York Light Artillery, Battery Bstar1st New York Light Artillery, Battery Cstar1st New York Light Artillery, Battery Gstar1st New York Light Artillery, Battery Lstar1st New York Light Artillery, Battery Mstar1st North Carolina Battalion Sharpshootersstar1st North Carolina Cavalrystar1st North Carolina Infantrystar1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery Lstar1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery Astar1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery Bstar1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery Cstar1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery Dstar1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery Fstar1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Battery Gstar1st Pennsylvania Reservesstar1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery Astar1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery Bstar1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery Cstar1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery Dstar1st Rhode Island Light Artillery, Battery Gstar1st South Carolina Infantry (Provisional Army)star1st South Carolina Riflesstar1st South Carolina Volunteer Infantrystar1st Tennessee Infantry (Provisional Army)star1st Texas Infantrystar1st United States Artillery, Batteries E and Gstar1st United States Artillery, Battery Istar1st United States Artillery, Battery Kstar1st United States Sharpshootersstar1st Virginia Cavalrystar1st Virginia Infantrystar1st Virginia Infantry Battalionstar20th Georgia Infantrystar20th Maine Infantrystar20th Massachusetts Infantrystar20th New York Infantrystar20th North Carolina Infantrystar21st Georgia Infantrystar21st Massachusetts Infantrystar21st Mississippi Infantrystar21st New York Infantrystar21st North Carolina Infantrystar21st Virginia Infantrystar22nd Georgia Infantrystar22nd Massachusetts Infantrystar22nd New York Infantrystar22nd North Carolina Infantrystar22nd South Carolina Infantrystar22nd Virginia Infantry Battalionstar23rd Georgia Infantrystar23rd New York Infantrystar23rd North Carolina Infantrystar23rd Ohio Infantrystar23rd Pennsylvania Infantrystar23rd South Carolina Infantrystar23rd Virginia Infantrystar24th Georgia Infantrystar24th New York Infantrystar24th North Carolina Infantrystar24th Virginia Infantrystar25th New York Infantrystar25th North Carolina Infantrystar25th Virginia Infantrystar26th Alabama Infantrystar26th Georgia Infantrystar26th New York Infantrystar27th Georgia Infantrystar27th Indiana Infantrystar27th New York Infantrystar27th North Carolina Infantrystar27th Virginia Infantrystar28th Georgia Infantrystar28th Massachusetts Infantrystar28th New York Infantrystar28th North Carolina Infantrystar28th Ohio Infantrystar28th Pennsylvania Infantrystar28th Virginia Infantrystar29th Massachusetts Infantrystar29th Ohio Infantrystar2nd and 10th United States Infantrystar2nd Baltimore (MD) Artillerystar2nd Battalion, Longstreet's Corps Artillerystar2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 1st Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 2nd Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 4th Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 6th Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 9th Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 12th Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 2nd Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 6th Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 9th Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 1st Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 5th Corpsstar2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 9th Corpsstar2nd Brigade, Cavalry Divisionstar2nd Brigade, HF Garrisonstar2nd Brigade, Kanawha Division, 9th Corpsstar2nd Delaware Infantrystar2nd District of Columbia Infantrystar2nd Division, 12th Corpsstar2nd Division, 1st Corpsstar2nd Division, 1st Corps Artillerystar2nd Division, 2nd Corpsstar2nd Division, 2nd Corps Artillerystar2nd Division, 5th Corpsstar2nd Division, 5th Corps Artillerystar2nd Division, 6th Corpsstar2nd Division, 6th Corps Artillerystar2nd Division, 9th Corpsstar2nd Division, 9th Corps Artillerystar2nd Florida Infantrystar2nd Fluvanna (VA) Artillerystar2nd Georgia Infantrystar2nd Louisiana Infantrystar2nd Maine Infantrystar2nd Maryland Infantrystar2nd Massachusetts Infantrystar2nd Mississippi Infantrystar2nd Mississippi Infantry Battalionstar2nd New Jersey Infantrystar2nd New York Artillery, Battery Lstar2nd New York Cavalry, Companies A, B, I, & Kstar2nd North Carolina Infantrystar2nd Pennsylvania Reservesstar2nd Rhode Island Infantrystar2nd South Carolina Cavalrystar2nd South Carolina Infantrystar2nd South Carolina Riflesstar2nd United States Artillery, Batteries B and Lstar2nd United States Artillery, Battery Astar2nd United States Artillery, Battery Dstar2nd United States Artillery, Battery Estar2nd United States Artillery, Battery Gstar2nd United States Artillery, Battery Mstar2nd United States Cavalry, Companies E, F, H & Kstar2nd United States Sharpshootersstar2nd Vermont Infantrystar2nd Virginia Cavalrystar2nd Virginia Infantrystar2nd Wisconsin Infantrystar30th New York Infantrystar30th North Carolina Infantrystar30th Ohio Infantrystar30th Virginia Infantrystar31st Georgia Infantrystar31st New York Infantrystar31st Virginia Infantrystar32nd Massachusetts Infantrystar32nd New York Infantrystar32nd Ohio Infantrystar32nd Virginia Infantrystar33rd New York Infantrystar33rd North Carolina Infantrystar33rd Virginia Infantrystar34th New York Infantrystar34th North Carolina Infantrystar35th Georgia Infantrystar35th Massachusetts Infantrystar35th New York Infantrystar35th North Carolina Infantrystar36th New York Infantrystar36th Ohio Infantrystar37th North Carolina Infantrystar37th Virginia Infantrystar38th Georgia Infantrystar38th North Carolina Infantrystar38th Virginia Infantrystar39th New York Infantrystar3rd Alabama Infantrystar3rd Arkansas Infantrystar3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 12th Corpsstar3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 1st Corpsstar3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 2nd Corpsstar3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 5th Corpsstar3rd Brigade, 1st Division, 6th Corpsstar3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 12th Corpsstar3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 1st Corpsstar3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 2nd Corpsstar3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 5th Corpsstar3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 6th Corpsstar3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 1st Corpsstar3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Corpsstar3rd Brigade, Cavalry Divisionstar3rd Brigade, HF Garrisonstar3rd Brigade,1st Division, 4th Corpsstar3rd Delaware Infantrystar3rd Division, 1st Corpsstar3rd Division, 1st Corps Artillerystar3rd Division, 2nd Corpsstar3rd Division, 5th Corpsstar3rd Division, 5th Corps Artillerystar3rd Division, 9th Corpsstar3rd Division, 9th Corps Artillerystar3rd Georgia Infantrystar3rd Indiana Cavalrystar3rd Maryland Infantrystar3rd Maryland, PHBstar3rd New Jersey Infantrystar3rd North Carolina Artillery, (1st) Company Gstar3rd North Carolina Infantrystar3rd Pennsylvania Cavalrystar3rd Pennsylvania Reservesstar3rd South Carolina Infantrystar3rd South Carolina Infantry Battalionstar3rd United States Artillery, Batteries C and Gstar3rd United States Artillery, Batteries L and Mstar3rd United States Infantrystar3rd Vermont Infantrystar3rd Virginia Cavalrystar3rd Virginia Infantrystar3rd Wisconsin Infantrystar40th Virginia Infantrystar41st Virginia Infantrystar42nd New York Infantrystar42nd Virginia Infantrystar43rd New York Infantrystar44th Alabama Infantrystar44th Georgia Infantrystar44th New York Infantrystar44th Virginia Infantrystar45th Georgia Infantrystar45th Pennsylvania Infantrystar46th New York Infantrystar46th North Carolina Infantrystar46th Pennsylvania Infantrystar47th Alabama Infantrystar47th Virginia Infantrystar48th Alabama Infantrystar48th Georgia Infantrystar48th North Carolina Infantrystar48th Pennsylvania Infantrystar48th Virginia Infantrystar49th Georgia Infantrystar49th New York Infantrystar49th North Carolina Infantrystar49th Pennsylvania Infantrystar49th Virginia Infantrystar4th Alabama Infantrystar4th Brigade, 1st Division, 1st Corpsstar4th Brigade, Cavalry Divisionstar4th Brigade, HF Garrisonstar4th Georgia Infantrystar4th Michigan Infantrystar4th New Jersey Infantrystar4th New York Infantrystar4th North Carolina Infantrystar4th Pennsylvania Cavalrystar4th Pennsylvania Reservesstar4th Rhode Island Infantrystar4th South Carolina Infantry Battalionstar4th Texas Infantrystar4th United States Artillery, Batteries A and Cstar4th United States Artillery, Battery Bstar4th United States Artillery, Battery Estar4th United States Artillery, Battery Fstar4th United States Artillery, Battery Gstar4th United States Cavalry, Company Astar4th United States Infantrystar4th Vermont Infantrystar4th Virginia Cavalrystar4th Virginia Infantrystar50th Georgia Infantrystar50th New York Engineersstar50th Pennsylvania Infantrystar51st Georgia Infantrystar51st New York Infantrystar51st Pennsylvania Infantrystar52nd New York Infantrystar52nd Virginia Infantrystar53rd Georgia Infantrystar53rd Pennsylvania Infantrystar53rd Virginia Infantrystar55th Virginia Infantrystar56th Pennsylvania Infantrystar56th Virginia Infantrystar57th New York Infantrystar57th Virginia Infantrystar58th Virginia Infantrystar59th New York Infantrystar5th Alabama Infantrystar5th Alabama Infantry Battalionstar5th Brigade, Cavalry Divisionstar5th Connecticut Infantrystar5th Florida Infantrystar5th Louisiana Infantrystar5th Maine Infantrystar5th Maryland Infantrystar5th New Hampshire Infantrystar5th New York Heavy Artillery, Company Fstar5th New York Infantrystar5th North Carolina Infantrystar5th Ohio Infantrystar5th Pennsylvania Reservesstar5th South Carolina Infantrystar5th Texas Infantrystar5th United States Artillery, Battery Astar5th United States Artillery, Battery Cstar5th United States Artillery, Battery Dstar5th United States Artillery, Battery Fstar5th United States Artillery, Battery Istar5th United States Artillery, Battery Kstar5th United States Cavalrystar5th Vermont Infantrystar5th Virginia Cavalrystar5th Virginia Infantrystar5th Wisconsin Infantrystar60th Georgia Infantrystar60th New York Infantrystar60th Ohio Infantrystar61st Georgia Infantrystar61st New York Infantrystar61st Pennsylvania Infantrystar61st Virginia Infantrystar62nd New York Infantrystar62nd Pennsylvania Infantrystar63rd New York Infantrystar64th New York Infantrystar65th Illinois Infantrystar65th New York Infantrystar66th New York Infantrystar66th Ohio Infantrystar67th New York Infantrystar69th New York Infantrystar69th Pennsylvania Infantrystar6th Alabama Infantrystar6th Georgia Infantrystar6th Louisiana Infantrystar6th Maine Infantrystar6th New Hampshire Infantrystar6th New York Cavalrystar6th New York Cavalry, Company Dstar6th New York Cavalry, Company Kstar6th North Carolina Infantrystar6th Pennsylvania Cavalrystar6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Companies B and Gstar6th Pennsylvania Reservesstar6th South Carolina Infantrystar6th United States Cavalrystar6th Vermont Infantrystar6th Virginia Cavalrystar6th Virginia Infantrystar6th Wisconsin Infantrystar71st Pennsylvania Infantrystar72nd Pennsylvania Infantrystar76th New York Infantrystar77th New York Infantrystar78th New York Infantrystar79th New York Infantrystar7th Georgia Infantrystar7th Indiana Infantrystar7th Louisiana Infantrystar7th Maine Infantrystar7th Massachusetts Infantrystar7th Michigan Infantrystar7th New York Infantrystar7th North Carolina Infantrystar7th Ohio Infantrystar7th Pennsylvania Reservesstar7th South Carolina Infantrystar7th Squadron, Rhode Island Cavalrystar7th Tennessee Infantrystar7th Virginia Cavalrystar7th Virginia Infantrystar7th West Virginia Infantrystar7th Wisconsin Infantrystar80th New York Infantry (20th Militia)star81st Pennsylvania Infantrystar82nd New York Infantry (2nd Militia)star82nd Pennsylvania Infantrystar83rd New York Infantry (9th Militia)star83rd Pennsylvania Infantrystar84th New York Infantry (14th Brooklyn)star87th Ohio Infantrystar88th New York Infantrystar88th Pennsylvania Infantrystar89th New York Infantrystar8th Alabama Infantrystar8th Connecticut Infantrystar8th Florida Infantrystar8th Georgia Infantrystar8th Illinois Cavalrystar8th Louisiana Infantrystar8th Michigan Infantrystar8th New York Cavalrystar8th Ohio Infantrystar8th Pennsylvania Cavalrystar8th Pennsylvania Reservesstar8th South Carolina Infantrystar8th United States Infantry, Companies A & Dstar8th United States Infantry, Companies A, D, F, & Gstar8th Virginia Infantrystar90th Pennsylvania Infantrystar91st Pennsylvania Infantrystar93rd New York Infantrystar93rd Pennsylvania Infantrystar94th New York Infantrystar95th New York Infantrystar95th Pennsylvania Infantrystar96th Pennsylvania Infantrystar97th New York Infantrystar98th Pennsylvania Infantrystar9th Alabama Infantrystar9th Georgia Infantrystar9th Louisiana Infantrystar9th Massachusetts Infantrystar9th New Hampshire Infantrystar9th New York Infantrystar9th New York Infantry, Company Kstar9th Pennsylvania Reservesstar9th Vermont Infantrystar9th Virginia Cavalrystar9th Virginia InfantrystarA. P. Hill's Light DivisionstarA. P. Hill's Light Division ArtillerystarAlleghany (VA) ArtillerystarAmherst (VA) ArtillerystarAnderson's (GA) BrigadestarAnderson's (NC) BrigadestarAnderson's DivisionstarAnderson's Division ArtillerystarArcher's BrigadestarArmistead's BrigadestarArmy of Northern VirginiastarArmy of the PotomacstarAshland (VA) ArtillerystarBarksdale's BrigadestarBath (VA) BatterystarBattery M, 2nd Illinois ArtillerystarBranch's BrigadestarBranch's Petersburg (VA) Field ArtillerystarBrooks (SC) ArtillerystarBrown's Artillery Battalion (1st Va Artillery)starCarter's King William (VA) ArtillerystarCavalry DivisionstarChesapeake (MD) ArtillerystarChew's (VA) BatterystarCobb's (GA) LegionstarCobb's (GA) Legion, Cavalry BattalionstarCobb's (GA) Legion, Infantry BattalionstarCobb's BrigadestarCollis' (PA) Independent CompanystarColquitt's BrigadestarCompany A, 5th New York Heavy ArtillerystarCompany E, 4th United States CavalrystarCompany F, 32nd Ohio InfantrystarCompany H, 4th Virginia CavalrystarCourtney (VA) ArtillerystarCrenshaw (VA) BatterystarCutts' Sumter (GA) Artillery BattalionstarD. H. Hill's DivisionstarD. H. Hill's Division ArtillerystarDanville (VA) ArtillerystarDixie (VA) ArtillerystarDonaldsonville (LA) ArtillerystarDrayton's BrigadestarEarly's BrigadestarEighth Star New Market (VA) ArtillerystarEvans' (Independent) BrigadestarEwell's DivisionstarEwell's Division ArtillerystarFeatherston's BrigadestarField's BrigadestarFifth Army CorpsstarFifth Corps Artillery ReservestarFirst Army CorpsstarFredericksburg (VA) ArtillerystarFrench's Stafford (VA) BatterystarGarland's BrigadestarGerman (SC) ArtillerystarGilmore's Company, West Virginia CavalrystarGregg's BrigadestarGrimes' Portsmouth (VA) BatterystarHampton (SC) LegionstarHampton's BrigadestarHardaway's (AL) BatterystarHarpers Ferry GarrisonstarHarrison's Company, West Virginia CavalrystarHays' BrigadestarHeadquarters Cavalry Escort, Army of the PotomacstarHeadquarters Guard, Army of the PotomacstarHolcombe (SC) Legion Infantry BattalionstarHood's BrigadestarHood's DivisionstarHood's Division ArtillerystarHorse Artillery, Cavalry DivisionstarIndependent Company, Oneida (NY) CavalrystarIndiana Light Artillery, 15th Independent BatterystarIst United States Cavalry, Companies B,C, H, and IstarJackson (VA) ArtillerystarJackson's CommandstarJackson's Corps Reserve ArtillerystarJackson's DivisionstarJackson's Division ArtillerystarJeff Davis (AL) ArtillerystarJeff Davis (MS) Legion (Cavalry)starJenkins' BrigadestarJohnson's Bedford (VA) ArtillerystarJohnson's Richmond (VA) BatterystarJones' Peninsula (VA) BatterystarJones' Artillery BattalionstarJones' BrigadestarJones' DivisionstarJones' Division ArtillerystarJordan's Bedford (VA) ArtillerystarKanawha Division, 9th CorpsstarKemper's BrigadestarKentucky Light Artillery, Simmonds' BatterystarKershaw's BrigadestarLaw's BrigadestarLawton's BrigadestarLee (VA) ArtillerystarLee's BrigadestarLong Island (VA) BatterystarLongstreet's CommandstarLongstreet's Corps ArtillerystarLouisiana Guard ArtillerystarLynchburg (VA) ArtillerystarMacbeth (SC) ArtillerystarMadison Light Artillery (LA)starMahone's (Parham's) BrigadestarMaine Light Artillery, 4th BatterystarMaine Light Artillery, 6th BatterystarManly's (NC) BatterystarMartinsburg GarrisonstarMaryland Light Artillery, Battery AstarMaryland Light Artillery, Battery BstarMassachusetts Light Artillery, 8th BatterystarMassachusetts Light Artillery, Battery AstarMassachusetts Light Artillery, Battery CstarMassachusetts Sharpshooters, First CompanystarMassachusetts Sharpshooters, Second CompanystarMcLaws' DivisionstarMcLaws' Division ArtillerystarMichigan Sharpshooters, Brady's companystarMiddle Department (8th Army Corps)starMilledge's Regular (GA) BatterystarMinnesota Sharpshooters, Second CompanystarMorris' Louisa (VA) ArtillerystarNelson's Artillery BattalionstarNew Hampshire Light Artillery, First BatterystarNew Jersey Light Artillery, Battery AstarNew York Light Artillery, 10th BatterystarNew York Light Artillery, 1st BatterystarNew York Light Artillery, 3rd BatterystarNew York Light Artillery, 5th BatterystarNinth Army CorpsstarNorfolk (VA) BatterystarOhio Light Artillery, First BatterystarPalmetto (SC) Light ArtillerystarPalmetto (SC) SharpshootersstarParker's Richmond (VA) BatterystarPee Dee (SC) ArtillerystarPelham's (VA) BatterystarPender's BrigadestarPennsylvania Light Artillery, Independent Battery CstarPennsylvania Light Artillery, Independent Battery DstarPennsylvania Light Artillery, Independent Battery EstarPennsylvania Light Artillery, Independent Battery FstarPennsylvania State Militia (1862)starPhillips' (GA) Legion, Infantry BattalionstarPickett's (Garnett's) BrigadestarPotomac (Maryland) Home BrigadestarPowhatan (VA) ArtillerystarProvost Guard, Army of the PotomacstarPryor's BrigadestarPulaski (GA) ArtillerystarPurcell (Richmond) ArtillerystarPurnell Legion InfantrystarRansom's BrigadestarRegular Engineer BattalionstarRichmond "Hampden" (VA) ArtillerystarRichmond 'Fayette' (VA) ArtillerystarRichmond 'Letcher' (VA) ArtillerystarRichmond 'Orange' (VA) ArtillerystarRichmond Howitzers, 1st CompanystarRichmond Howitzers, 2nd CompanystarRichmond Howitzers, 3rd CompanystarRigby's Independent Battery, Indiana Light Artillery (26th)starRipley's BrigadestarRobertson's (Munford's) BrigadestarRockbridge (VA) ArtillerystarRodes' BrigadestarRowan (NC) ArtillerystarSalem (VA) Flying ArtillerystarSchambeck's Company, Chicago DragoonsstarSecond Army CorpsstarSemmes' BrigadestarSignal Detachment, Army of the PotomacstarSixth Army CorpsstarStarke's BrigadestarStaunton (VA) Artillery (Balthis' Battery)starStuart's Cavalry DivisionstarStuart's/Pelham's Horse ArtillerystarSturges (Illinois) Rifles InfantrystarSumter (GA) Artillery, Battery AstarSumter (GA) Artillery, Battery BstarSumter (GA) Artillery, Battery DstarSumter (GA) Artillery, Battery EstarTaliaferro's BrigadestarThird Independant Company, Ohio CavalrystarThomas' BrigadestarToombs' BrigadestarTrimble's BrigadestarTroup (GA) ArtillerystarTwelfth Army CorpsstarTwelfth Corps ArtillerystarUnattached Second Corps ArtillerystarVolunteer Engineer Brigade, Army of the PotomacstarWalker's (Manning's) BrigadestarWalker's DivisionstarWashington (LA) Artillery, 1st CompanystarWashington (LA) Artillery, 2nd CompanystarWashington (LA) Artillery, 3rd CompanystarWashington (LA) Artillery, 4th CompanystarWashington (SC) BatterystarWhite's Virginia CavalrystarWilcox's (Cumming's) BrigadestarWilliamsburg (VA) ArtillerystarWinder's BrigadestarWise (VA) ArtillerystarWise (VA) Legion Artillery, Company DstarWright's BrigadestarYorktown 'Magruder' (VA) Artillerystar